• December 30, 2016

High Power Committe (HPC) Meeting

The GPMD has successfully organised a High Power Committee (HPC) Meeting last Friday, which oversaw presentations on APA 2015-16 evaluations by the National Technical Committee (NTC) Members. The GPMD in collaboration with the NTC, comprising of officials from DNB (MoF), GNHC, NSB, and RCSC carried out evaluations of the self-assessed achievements of 36 agencies (10 Ministries, 20 Dzongkhags and 6 Autonomous Agencies). In order to ensure highest level of objective and professional scrutiny in the process of finalization of APA Documents, Mid-Year Reviews (MYR) and Year-End Evaluations of the performance of the ministries/agencies, the HPC was established consisting of Heads
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  • April 29, 2016

Latest News and Updates

The National committee has evaluated the Annual Performance Agreement(APA) 2015-16 for 10 Ministries, six Autonomous Agencies and 20 Dzongkhags recently.The final scores of those Agencies will be endorse and finalised by High Power Committee(HPC) by second week of December 2016.