GPMD’s Vision, Mission and Mandate


GPMD’s Vision, Mission and Mandate 


A forerunner of Good Governance that ensures effective public service delivery through a “Whole-of-government” performance management approach.


To manage government performance for effective and efficient delivery of Plan activities and other national priorities by ensuring coordination in:  

  • developing, monitoring and evaluating annual deliverables; and
  • linking annual deliverables to both financial and human resources.


  • To coordinate and ensure all budgetary agencies develop their annual deliverables in the form of Annual Performance Agreement (APA);
  • To ensure proper alignment of the annual performance targets to the proposed budget (within the ceiling set by the Finance Ministry);
  • To ensure proper cascading of annual performance targets to the relevant agencies/sectors;
  • To ensure timely monitoring of the agreed activities through Government Performance Management System;
  • To ensure timely conduct of the Mid-Year Review of APAs; and
  • To ensure timely and efficient conduct of the Year-end evaluation.