As per the directives of 14th Lhengye Zhungsthog (Weekly Cabinet Meeting) held on 19 November 2013, a Steering Committee and a Task Force was established in December 2013 with a mandate to institutionalize a GPMS in the country.

The Steering Committee comprising of Hon’ble Prime Minister as the Chairman included Minister for Ministry of Economic Affairs as the Vice Chair, a Commissioner from the Royal Civil Service Commission and chief planning officers from 10 ministries.
The Task Force comprising of senior government officials and experts from various ministries was to function with a mandate to study and develop a GPMS system for Bhutan.
By June 2014, the GPMS system was operationalized on a pilot basis for the first fiscal year of its implementation.
In March 2015, a Government Performance Management Division (GPMD) was established under the Office of the Prime Minister.